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As a company we have always known that the automatic gearbox industry has always required on open mind and willingness to embrace new technology. At Automatic Man in London we have constantly strived to stay up to date with this.

Our first basic code readers were brought in the 1980's and believe it or not were cutting edge for that time. 

Our early machines are preserved in working order should your car need them:

As the control side of automatic gearboxes moved into a new age we made the investment to move with them. 

The next generation of generic scan tools kept us abreast with the constant tide of more complex systems.

These machines stood us in good stead for quite a few years and are still in occasional use for earlier vehicles:

Five years ago Mike decided that the only way forward was a massive investment in main dealer level equipment for automatic gearbox diagnostics.

We have now moved on to main dealer level machines that allow us to programme and update ECU's and give us dealer level auto transmission fault finding capabilities. 

Our arsenal now includes the complete VAG group with VAS Renault clip, Peugeot planet, Citroen lexia, BMW/Mini GT1, Mercedes star, Porsche durametric, Ford IDS, Jaguar Land Rover IDS and Volvo dice to name a few.

Three years ago we decided that another pair of hands was necessary to make sure that Mikes time at the bench building gearboxes was not compromised. 

Susanne joined to company shortly afterwards and has been fully trained in the use of all diagnostic equipment.

With today’s advanced electronic transmission, simple problems can often be rectified with a software update.

We have always welcomed new technology and are ready for the next round of changes that the likes of hybrid cars new generation cvts dsgs and semi automatics will bring to us you can be assured that at Automatic Man our ability will never be compromised. 

All of our diagnostic sessions are carried out free of charge.

We pay for our own modern technology, so that you as a customer don’t have to.

For all your automatic gearbox diagnostic enquiries contact us today.