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Audi Automatic Gearbox repair

Automatic Man offers a rebuild-repair service as necessary for all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat Conventional Transmissions. Plus DSG Wet Clutch, Dry Clutch and all CVT Multitronics.

Our staff are all LUK Credited.

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If a Mechatronic needs to be fitted, all our programming is done online with a VAG server, meaning all immobiliser coding remains the same. This is done with the key you bring with the car. All additional keys will still work.

If a NEW Valve Body is required for your vehicle. This is what you get.

After recently stripping a “rebuilt” Valve Body it was found to be a disaster waiting to happen.



Rosie C

“If you are looking for an excellent automatic mechanic Mike is your man. We highly recommend Mike for his outstanding service and his negotiation skills with the warranty company when we needed our gearbox and torque converter replacing.  Our usual garage was unable to help us but Mike stepped in and saved the day (and saved us a lot of money).  We are very grateful for his attention and thank him for not giving up and for solving our problem. Our car is a dream to drive again – thank you”


Ivar C (via Bretagne Roadster)

“Very good and clean job on my E Type automatic gearbox (1968)”

Jim B.

“I had heard of Mike’s reputation through a friend I met at a dinner party who had a good experience at Mike’s workshop when his Mercedes developed a gearbox problem.

As I live an hour plus drive from his shop, Mike suggested I go for a coffee while he diagnosed the problem on my car. I was prepared to leave it with him and train it back home but when I returned an hour later the car was not only diagnosed but he had fixed it too! Mike refused to take any money from me saying it was a simple fault and it only took him 15 minutes, so the least I can do is spread the word. Thanks, Mike and all the staff at Automatic Man in Acton. “


Nick T.

“Automatic Man did a great repair job on the automatic gearbox on my Jeep. Mike really knows his stuff when it comes to automatic gearboxes and they definitely go the extra mile for their customers. Highly recommended.”

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